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About Texas MV | Oil and Gas Industry Valve Repair and Modification

TEXAS MODIFICATION VALVE, INC.  is a full service machine shop specializing in precision machining, welding, and modification. It was established by Napoleon Benavides in 2001 on the principles of quality workmanship, competitive pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With the ability and experience of our craftsmen, we are able to produce end results ranging from industrial to art quality, depending on your need. Our operating facility is over 21,000 square feet and contains the latest machinery and equipment.

Since 2001, Texas Modification Valve has been serving the oil and gas industry providing top quality valve repairs and modifications. We do something that is unique to this industry in that we eliminate many of the problems petro-chemical plants traditionally face when repairing valves. We repair oil and gas industry valve.


Texas Modification Valve has over 11 years of experience in machining services. The President and employees embody over 50 years of  knowledge, experience and dedication to quality machine shop servicesincluding trim conversions (full, partial, 316 stainless, monel), forge steel modifications, flange conversions, installation gears, butt-weld, make RTJ, mounting actuators and many others. Modifications can be performed on various valves including gates, globes, check, and ball valves with specialty in General Twin Seal. (Valve Modification Services)

Our shop offers the latest machinery and technology including:

•2-Haas CNC VF-3 Vertical Mill

•Haas CNC TL3B Lathe

•2 Lincoln Subarcs

•ST-40 CNC Lathe

•Lehmann/Hydratrol Lathe

•Goff Sandblaster

•LeBlond Lathe

•LeBlond Regal Thru Spindle

•King Bullard 72”

•Jet GH-2280ZX Lathe

•ST-40 CNC Lathe

•Bullard 54”

•EC 1600 YZT Horizontal CNC Mill

•Bullard 56” Cut Master

•2 Bullard 42”

Our service is under warranty  for one year from the shipping date.

Get ahead of the competition with our quick turnaround service as we turn your ideas into reality.

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